How to become a dealer


To become a Hager powered by Salto systems authorized partner, it all starts with training where upon successful completion, you will be certified to market, promote, install, and support the Hager powered by Salto system. There are different certification levels and are determined by each customer’s capabilities. Contact your Hager sales representative for details about becoming part of the Hager powered by Salto Partner network.

What you can expect from Hager Companies (dealers and contractors)

Superior Products that Provide Value Propositions

The Hager powered by Salto partnership combines strengths that are globally recognized and synonymous with quality, innovation, and style. As a partner, Hager Companies will be your point of contact and you should expect exceptional service. The innovative benefits and financial investment savings for your customers will help you create valuable customer relationships.

Sustainable Growth

Hager Companies values each of our customer relationships and will continue to support and help grow each of our customers. However, we expect our Hager powered by Salto partners to meet specific criteria and to make any needed investments to be successful in their markets. In return, our partners will have the opportunity to establish and maintain professional relationships within their markets.

Product Innovation

By becoming a Hager powered by Salto partner, you will be part of a network that benefits from continuous product innovation, experience, professional leadership, and unrivaled customer support of two global leaders.

Marketing Support

As a Hager powered by Salto partner, you will have access to a library of Marketing materials to help you promote HS4 in your markets.

Sales Support

From time to time, you may want to provide your sales team with additional sales training or rely on Hager for additional sales and design support. As a Hager powered by Salto partner, you will have access to sales team members that includes a network of extensively training and experienced sales representatives, trainers, and sales engineers.

Technical Support

Our Technical Service department has access to unlimited technical resources, including Engineering resources, Research & Development resources, Operational resources, and Product Management resources. Together, Hager and Salto will be able to provide you any support that you may need.

What we expect from our Hager powered by Salto partners (dealers and contractors)


To receive and maintain your certification as a Hager powered by Salto partner, you must attend the required training seminars, including any training updates that may occur from time to time as product modifications, updates or improvements are made. To commission projects and service end-user needs at all times, you must ensure that at least one trained and one accredited staff member is available in each state or territory where you offer Hager powered by Salto solutions.

Resource and Market Investment

The Hager powered by Salto system provides solutions for a wide array of installations types and an abundance of market opportunities. To be able to effectively identify and reach those opportunities, we expect the needed resources are in place or will be in the short term. This may include adding resources to provide increased support to your customers, sending new employees to training, building a product a showroom display or whatever your business needs to support the growth that the Hager powered by Salto partnership will generate.

Purchase Samples

We expect our partners to purchase whatever product samples we consider necessary for you to effectively present the HS4 system to a potential client. As new products are developed and released, we expect you to update your stock accordingly.

Represent Hager Companies and Salto Systems

We expect all of our partners to be knowledgeable and professional when presenting Hager Companies and Salto Systems.

Respect Brand Guidelines

We expect all of our partners to respect both the Hager Companies brand as well as the Salto Systems brand. We will make Marketing materials and sales tools available to all of our partners but we also realize that in some situation, dealers must provide a customized brochure or literature piece. In these cases, we require that any proofs are submitted to Hager Companies Marketing department prior to distribution so that we can ensure that the brand guidelines for both Hager Companies and Salto Systems are met.

For more information please email: [email protected]